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Termination letter has great importance when employers want to fire their employees. It confirms the details and summarizes the main elements that help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes. It acts as a type of formal notice for an employee to inform that he is being dismissed from the job.

After all, it is a difficult and sensitive topic to tell a person about his termination. That is why a termination form serves this purpose ethically and legally. It includes all the valid reasons for the dismissal, benefits, date of the final paycheck, and other details related to their employment termination.

When Should I Use a Termination Letter?

Letting someone go can be a daunting task. If you feel something wrong, make sure to arrange a brief meeting with the staff to inform them that they can be fired before the official letter.

In most states, there is a law that if there is no employment contract, employees are employed on an at-will basis. This means that the employers can fire them at any time, any reason, or no reason. Contrarily, the employees can leave the workplace at any time.

A letter of termination is a communication between the employee and the company members. It can be used on various events, such as when the employee has violated the company policy or failed to perform his role. Moreover, unapproved absenteeism or disturbing the environment and culture of a workplace will force the employer to use the termination form.

Not only does unethical or illogical behavior lead to termination, but also falsifying the company's records could result in dismissal. Some of the organizations arrange office dating, proper face-to-face talk, or web-based networking media before giving a notice of termination.

Why Are Termination Letters Important?

When you hire an employee, you are excited to work with him in a friendly manner. On the other side, you could fire him if he does not serve the company's purpose. That's why the termination letter contains all the relevant details to serve the purpose of termination legally and ethically.

Termination letters are important because no one wants to end things on bad terms to keep their business productive and workplace healthy. They help to maintain a good reputation and show professionalism in the business.

Such letters provide the employee with documentation in support of an unemployment claim. They have great importance in some companies that the employee is asked to sign a copy of termination letter to track record.

Employers can save their company from disrespectful acts, lame notices, and disputes from the employee after termination. This will help them in the hiring process to show the company's values.

What Should Be Included in a Termination Letter?

Depending on the magnitude of the company, it is always a good idea to add all the possible details in the letter of termination. The following information can be kept in consideration.

  • Employee Information: The name of the person being let go, the name of the company, and the manager who is handling the termination should always be included.
  • Reason for Termination: Other than the basis for terminating the employee, everything should be included to let him know why he is suddenly out of a job.
  • Dates: To provide evidence about why an employee is being terminated, including the date when the letter was given.
  • Benefits and Other Compensation Information: Be sure to include all the steps for the benefits, severance packages, and other compensations of the employee.
  • Details about Final Paycheck: Mention the date when the employee will be paid or when their check will be available.

In the end, try to add all the details and facts in the most direct way.


Ending an individual's employment is a serious matter, but with the use of a termination letter, the whole process becomes easier. It contains all the termination details, which make it a legal and ethical approach to fire an employee. Make sure to review the language of the notice of termination document before sending it to the terminated employee.


What are the different types of termination letters used?

There are three basic types of termination letters that are common within the market. It includes:

Is it necessary to give an employee a termination letter?

No, there is no such federal law that states a company must issue a termination letter. Many of the employers do confer them as a matter of principle.

What are the major reasons for termination?

An employee can be terminated from a company for misbehaving and having bad conduct with the customer and staff of the company. In other cases, they can be terminated for their poor and incapable performance. They can be the focal reason for the violation of a statutory limitation within the company.

What should be the minimum notice period for an employee for termination?

The employee should be given a least one week after handing them their employee termination letter. If the employee has been working with the company for a very long period, it is advised to give them a notice period of six weeks.

Are the terms ‘discharge’ and 'terminated' different terms?

The terms "discharge" and "terminated" are often used correspondingly, but the meaning varies as far as the contract is concerned. "Discharge of a contract" means that the major contractual obligations have been fulfilled by the employee, signifying the end of the employer-employee relationship.

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