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Various workplace incidents related to health or other emergencies are increasing day by day. This problem has arisen the necessity for the employer to own the emergency contact information regarding its employees. The sole purpose for the collection of this detail is to know whom to contact in the event of any tragic situation of an employee.

These circumstances can be but only limited to health disasters, the absence of the employee without any notice, or any other emergency. Hence, it is necessary to fill out an emergency contact form in case any workplace emergency occurs.

What Is an Emergency Contact Form Used for?

Employee emergency contact form is a fill-out datasheet about the emergency contacts of the employee’s immediate family or friends in case of an occupational health hazard or other emergencies. It doesn’t matter who is in emergency contact as long as they share a personal relationship with the employee or can be reached quickly in an emergency.

This form, along with emergency contact details, also contains all of an employee's pertinent health information, blood group, allergies, and any other chronic conditions they may have. This information is critical when providing emergency medical assistance to an employee because it informs healthcare professionals about the necessary precautions.

When Do You Need an Emergency Contact Form?

An emergency contact form is an extensive document that contains the key medical emergency information. Following are the situation when an employer utilizes the emergency contact form template of the employee:

  • While at work, if an employee becomes sick, faints, or has a medical emergency, including a heart attack or some other. The employer must seek immediate medical assistance from the health care team or call an ambulance.
  • When an employee's pre-existing medical condition as stated on the form becomes more serious.
  • If an employee has been wounded in the workplace as a result of an accident.
  • If an employee fails to show up for work for several days and the employer is unable to contact him or her.
  • While on vacation or sick leave, the employee has failed to respond to work communications. Or does not offer an estimated return date.
  • The paycheck will be the property of the family if an employee passes away. So, they’ll need to be contacted to fill out the final paperwork.

Given all these above-mentioned scenarios, the employer may need to contact the employee's family members, friends, or other trusted people. The organization will be obligated to explain the situation and inform them of any further steps.

What Does an Emergency Contact Form Contain?

The emergency contact information form can be both comprehensive or simple, but it should detail the key information. Following is the list to include while drafting an emergency contact form:

  • Employee's Personal Information: The employee's full name, date of birth, ID number, work position, home address, email address, and phone number should be included.
  • Emergency Contact Person's Information: This section must detail out emergency contact's name, address, and home and work phone numbers, as well as the connection to the employee. It should be necessary to list at least two or three emergency contact persons.
  • Healthcare Information: Employee's blood type, medication, and allergies should be mentioned in the form. Also, the information regarding health insurance can be asked if applicable.
  • Medical Professional’s Information: Inquiry about the employee's doctor or physician who can be contacted in emergencies. The doctor will provide immediate guidance on first aid.
  • Employee’s Signature: A section where the employee, by signing gives consent to utilize the emergency contact sheet in the event of an emergency.


This article has best highlighted the importance of emergency contact sheets. It is without any doubt that the emergency contact form is one of the key medical documents. It must be filled out and submitted to the employer as a precaution of an emergency.

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