Ideally, every company has a well-mannered and professional staff. But some behaviors demand an immediate termination letter. Therefore, an employee write-up form is meant to explain workplace violations and incidents. These forms are the necessary part of remedying the misconduct, and when done, the owner can protect his company if the employees take any legal action.

What Is an Employee Write-up Form?

For a company owner, the calendar is always full of tasks. From scheduling, inventory, hiring, training to the daily activities of the employees, he has to coordinate everything. So, some of the acts like firing and disciplining can add more stress to his job. That is why, in any employment dispute, disciplinary action form is the first piece of evidence that is asked for.

An employee write-up form is a type of discipline that serves as a formal notice. It spells out that the employee's behavior is unacceptable, needs to improve, and what to do if the employee fails.

The employee discipline form is a detailed documentation of the statements that will be used as a defense in the case when the employee files a lawsuit for unjust termination. It is a necessary part of an employer's or supervisor's job description to complete the write-up forms.

Employment write-up forms are written either by the co-worker who wants to report an individual for bad behavior or by supervisor/manager to the employee. It is now a common practice to complete an employee warning notice when the violations have occurred.

Why Do You Need an Employee Write-up Form?

Employee write-up forms have great importance when disputes continue and need to terminate an employee. The owner can issue such forms for chronic absenteeism or tardiness, insubordination, such as when the employee is exhibiting disrespectful behavior or not following the rules. Moreover, if an employee is involved in any theft of property or violations of the company's policies, then an employee disciplinary action form can be filed against him.

When you are about to use written warning forms, whether as an employer, co-worker, manager, or employee, it is important to understand the results. Submitting any of these forms can have consequences after the fact that may infect your employment status.

Some acts fall outside the bounds of an employee write-up, which leads to immediate termination. Suppose if your manager or co-worker is making harassing comments to you. Then this could be entitled as a satisfactory complaint that should be addressed through the write-up forms.

Employees of any reputed company dislike the employee complaint form or disciplinary form. But if you handle the going on situation properly, the employee will probably be more cooperative, and the working relationship may be recovered.

What Should Be Included in an Employee Write-up Form?

There are no employment write-up templates mandated by the authorities. However, it should include the following elements.

  • Basic Information: It should include all the facts like company name, employee's name, position, job title, or ID number.
  • Description of the Conduct: All the details of the conduct, such as tardiness with date, time, and written statements from witnesses.
  • Reference Company Policies: It clearly states the references to the company's policies, their consequences. Also, it describes how the employee's conduct violated the policy.
  • Instructions for Fixing the Behavior: Enlist the proper ways to change and improve the behavior with specific details and deadlines on how to improve. Mention what will happen if the employee does not fix the behavior.
  • Written Input from the Employee: An employee will input how and what he will improve.
  • Signatures: At the end, the employee's signature and date, with supervisor and upper management's signature, will be added.

Completing the employee's write-up forms will help to improve the employee's overall performance in the organization.


Completing the employment write-up form is not an enjoyable task, but it will help to avoid the termination letter for any employee. In the above parts, we have clearly mentioned the importance and use of employee write-ups in any company. This would allow the company to state all the precautions that are necessary to be taken by the employee to avoid any mishaps.

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