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Hiring new employees can be a mind-numbing and time-consuming task if you are not applying the new strategies, such as using a job application form. A job application is an official form that the candidates need to fill out about their work history. They allow you to easily hire various qualified people in a short period.

You may fill out the application for any job via a third-party job listing site or by visiting the site of the potential employer. On the other side, some companies and businesses still use paper applications.

Types of Job Applications

Here are some types of job applications that can be completed in several ways.

  • In-Person Job Applications

These job applications demand some online research, like discover the exact location of the office from where you live. However, before you apply for such jobs, it is necessary to know what you need to bring and should know the information needed to complete an employment application template.

  • Online Job Applications

Online job applications can be filled out on thousands of sites where the job seeker has to complete it online or post the resume online. Before applying for an online job, the candidate should gather and know all the information that will be needed to apply.

  • Email Job Applications

When you are applying for a job via email, make sure all of your communications are professional. You have to follow the instructions in the application for employment and only send a cover letter or resume by email to the employer who requests it.

  • Paper Job Applications

Paper job applications are the forms that you fill out for applying in-person for a position. All you need to fill in is the information related to your education, career, and job history.

Why Needs an Employment Application Form? When Do You Need it?

Employee applications are needed to collect consistent information in a uniform format from every contestant. They have to provide concise and exact details of their background, experience, and job history. These are the legal documents for organizations or companies to authorize reference and background checks.

Most job application forms have a section for a candidate to certify that they are providing accurate and complete information. Smart employers use the employment application form that is filled out by any candidate for a specific job. It enables the employer to collect and evaluate a potential candidate's personal information.

Employment applications are used as a selection tool to demonstrate the job seeker's skills and experience effectively. A properly formatted application standardizes the details a candidate provides, which will help to compare without discrimination. Employers use them as a piece of evidence that you want the job and can do the job.

Moreover, badly presented application forms with inadequate answers may be rejected immediately. An organization needs to request an application for employment form while hiring new candidates. It may take some effort to create an application, but the benefits of having one will exceed the costs than not.

What Are the Main Elements of a Job Application Form?

To make an employee application form, you need to find out relevant details about the applicant so that the employers can select the best person by gaining information beforehand.

You can include the following information in the basic job application form.

  • Basic Information: All of the basic information of the candidate, such as full name, email address, or phone number. The application may include the columns for social security or driver's license numbers.
  • Education and Skills: The application provides space for high school, training, and degrees you have achieved. You can mention the extracurricular activities where you held a leading role and your special skills.
  • Work-time Availability: At what hours the applicant would be available at work, willing to accommodate the work, and do overtime.
  • Job History: It asks for the previous job duties, skills required for it, salary, and reason for leaving. Importantly, it asks about permission to contact the previous employer. If the applicant is self-employed, then he should mention the company name and business references.


The article has explained the common and important sections of the job application. These application forms have arranged information sections that the applicant needs to fill out with valid information. This would help the hiring managers to analyze and select the candidates for a job position.


How do I fill out an application for a job?

You should be fine in using a generic job application unless you have any specific question that needs to be answered during the initial application process. In case of need, you can edit any sample employment application we have provided in CocoDoc.

Is it necessary for employees to use job application forms when hiring?

No, it is not necessary, and most of the companies go for CVs or resumes instead. However, they are a good way to cover a lot of information about employees in a standardized format.

Are the employees able to write the job application on their computer?

Yes, the employees are able to write the job application on their computer.

Is it suitable to use a general job application with management appointments?

Using a general job application depends on the management job. Filling out a generic job application is ordinary at many levels in the industries like grocery or retail.

What type of questions do the job applications consist of?

A job application consists of all the questions, specific for the applying role of an applicant like skills, desired salary, availability for shift work, etc.

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