The goal for any organization is to succeed and ensure that it has achieved all or most of the intended goals at any given time. To do so, organizations develop rules and guidelines for the employees to ensure harmonious work among the employees and improve their efficiency. At times, some employees might not follow all the guidelines and rules set, meaning that they violate the instructions given to them by their employer. When this happens, the employer or the management needs to have disciplinary measures to improve the employee’s habits. One of the critical things to do is to inform the employee about their violation.

Using an Employee Written Warning

One of the documents in employee disciplinary actions is an employee warning notice. The form has several applications in an organization. Some of the ways the employee warning notice can be used in an organization include;

The first is to provide information to the employee. Sometimes people are accustomed to doing the wrong thing in their lives; they do not realize it’s wrong to do in some institutions or organizations. The form can thus be used to inform an employee who has violated organizational guidelines in one way or another of how they have violated the guidelines. The employee might not know that they were involved in a violation, making the employee's warning notice critical for any organization.

The second thing why the employee warning notice is important is that it helps the management or the discipline department start the disciplinary practices for the employee's violation. Although the notice is not used for any disciplinary action, just for information purposes, it helps to start the disciplinary practices since a person or an employee has to be informed of why they are being disciplined and the violation was done.

What Should Be Included in Your Employee Written Warning?

Some guidelines should be followed to write a good employee warning notice. Some of the details that should be included in the notice include;

The first is the employee’s and the supervisor’s names. The information is important to help identify who committed the violation so that the form is delivered to the right person and provide the name of the supervisor who is in charge of the employee's warning in case the employee wants to know more about the issue.

The dates of when the violation is important when developing an employee Warning Notice. The dates help the employee who receives the warning to remember when they committed the violation and recall the actions they did, which are violations of rules, guidelines, and policies set by the organization.

The third thing that has to be included in any employee warning notice should be the date the warning was issued and the disciplinary actions that will be taken for the violation done by the employee. The details are important for record purposes and to prepare the employee for the disciplinary actions being taken.

The Importance of Having an Employee Written Warning

An employee warning notice is important to both the organization or the employer and the employees for various reasons; some include; the first because the employer has a way to show or inform the employees what is expected of them. Although the document leads to some disciplinary actions sometimes, most of the time, the document is meant for information purposes to ensure the employees know what is right and what they should do at the workplace. What this means is that the employer or the management can use the document to set a standard of the quality of work and behavior the employees should have at the organization. As a result, the organization is able to have good quality work done by the employees and have employees that follow the guidelines provided by the management or business owner. The notice can also be used to ensure the employees have a good workplace environment that is friendly to all the employees. The notice helps to improve the behaviors of employees that make the workplace unpleasant.


Employee behavior is important to the success of an organization. One employee might have negative effects on many employees, which affects the entire organization negatively. One form that might be used to change or inform an employee about their violation of the organization’s policies and rules is the employee warning notice. The notice informs the employee about the policy they violated, when they violated the policy and how they did it. The notice also includes the disciplinary actions that might be taken against them.

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