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Every member of the team is contributing to the progress of the company. They work as a pillar of success, and without good support of any pillar, the building can come crumbling down. So, it is critical to evaluate performance for the development of an efficient and strong work team. And for this purpose, the performance evaluation form steps in.

The performance evaluation form offers an effective way for employers to evaluate their employees’ performance by collecting information regarding employees’ skillset, productivity, and accomplishments. The form facilitates the management in the process to gauge whether or not employees are contributing well to achieving the organization's goals.

When Is an Employee Evaluation Form Needed?

Employee review forms can be very beneficial for the company as well as its employees. Most of the employee evaluation forms are filled by the company at a specific interval of time. That time period can be 30 months, 90 days, quarterly, or annually. An organization can also evaluate its employees when assigning a new project or forming a team.

An effective employee evaluation template offers standardized evaluation forms, performance review measures, feedback guidelines, and disciplinary procedures. For feedback guidelines or disciplinary procedures, causal communication channels like emails, the company’s preferred sites, or even one-on-one conversations are enough.

However, evaluation forms and performance review measures are considered to be more formal. A meeting can be conducted to assess the employee’s work performance and capabilities.

A self-evaluation template can also contribute to the performance assessment. The performance reviews help in identifying the strong and weak characteristics of the individual as well as the team. The outcomes of the evaluation can be in the form of pay raises, promotions, paid vacations, or even termination.

Why Do You Need an Employee Evaluation Form?

The employee review template, along with assessing the performance of the employee, can help in clarifying the company's goals. It also helps to motivate the workers to increase their efficiency. By using the standardizing form, each employee is judged, and different work-related issues can easily be marked out. Following are the advantages that highlight the importance of the evaluation form:

  • Recognize the assets and liabilities of the employees.
  • It helps in reminding the employees about their job expectations.
  • Identification of employee’s skills and potential.
  • Establish success benchmarks and achievable targets.
  • Identify valuable input on work results from different employees.
  • Programs for workforce growth and preparation can be planned.
  • Recognize and honor awards for best performance.

The performance of the employees can be assessed on the five-point Likert rating system. Every attribute will have values with assigned weightage. For example:

  • Poor
  • Needs Improvement
  • Meets Requirements
  • Exceeds Requirements
  • Outstanding

The performance evaluation form will give a rating on this 1-5 scale.

What to Include in an Employee Evaluation Form?

A fair assessment can be difficult to carry out for a manager. For the review, the employee can be asked to complete a self-evaluation template. This will help a reviewer to draw a comparison of his own evaluation of their work.

The employee assessment form should state the complete process of evaluation and include a comprehensive list of open-ended questions to assess the contribution of the employee.

Any successful employee assessment form should provide the following information:

  • Employee’s Information: The form should include the section about the employee’s name, job title, and working department.
  • Identification of Objectives: Responsibilities, goals, and career objectives should be clearly covered and identified.
  • Work Productivity: Success rate, productivity, quality of the work, and knowledge related to their field should be assessed.
  • Contribution to the Team: The employee’s communication skills and interactions with the team member should be properly gauged.
  • Job Accomplishments: Work-related achievements like any award, special project, or appraisal from the supervisor must be included.
  • Weakness and Strengths: Identify the strong and weak personality characteristics of the individual. And determine their strategies for improvement.
  • Employee’s Signature: To ensure that both the reviewer and the employee recognize the assessment process, signatures are needed.
  • Additional comments: Leave an open space for any additional remarks or suggestions from the employee.


Employee evaluation forms are the most commonly used means of measuring performance in the organization. Every required information should be calculated in both numeric scales and open-ended questions to have a quantitative and qualitative assessment. As highlighted in the article, the forms should focus on delivering fair ratings to ensure the employee review form is successful.


How to store employee evaluation form performance?

The HR department can store form performance both electronically or on paper. The performance evaluation should be updated periodically.

Who is responsible for completing the employee evaluation form?

A manager, HR employee, or even a small-business employer can conduct and fill the employee evaluation form.

Will employers share performance reviews with their employees?

No rules or legislation are governing whether or not workers are allowed to view the form. A company can advise its own decisions in this regard.

Are there any legal issues to consider by using employee evaluation forms?

The evaluation should be fair and just for all the employees. Workers shouldn’t be discriminated against any race, color, or cast against in some way by evaluation questions.

How can an assessment be made from employee evaluation forms?

Rate each attribute on a 1-5 scale from poor to excellent. Combine the total scoring of the employee and then take an average score.

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